Our ambassador program brings another friendly face into the ‘Team Caterpy’ family and we want to hear from you about why you would be a great fit. Nothing is more encouraging to us than the enthusiasm of our fans and athletes.

We embrace the entire athletic experience – training, racing, and community involvement – and want to share it with others. After all, since so much more time is spent preparing to compete than actually competing it only makes sense to enjoy the entire process, and not just focus on the finish line.

Beyond competition, Team Caterpy members represent the core values of the Caterpy Laces brand — they are approachable, humble and friendly. They are considered to be true ambassadors for their sports, active in their communities and all around quality people.

Do YOU have what it takes to be part of Team Caterpy? 
• Do you have a passion for being active?
• Do you like to talk about the products you train in to others?
• Do you have a blog or website you post to regularly?
• Are you active on social media?

If so, keep reading…

We are looking for people as passionate about sport, health, well-being, performance, fitness and of course our fantastic products. If you have a never say never attitude and an unwavering hunger to perform at your absolute best we want to hear from you! You dream big. You chase opportunity. You’re powered by passion and endless possibility and want to join Team Caterpy to capture and share your story with the world.

What are the perks of being part of Team Caterpy?

• Caterpy Laces, and swag to train and compete in year-round
• A unique discount code to share with friends, family and those you meet when training and racing
• Your athlete profile on the Caterpy Laces website and exposure on Caterpy Laces social media channels
• Be the first to know about discounted race entries, new products and Caterpy news

What is required from a Caterpy Laces ambassador?

• Follow Caterpy Laces (USA) – @caterpylaces on Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.)
• Customer Referrals: Promote Caterpy Laces
• Essential Knowledge: Read and become familiar with Caterpy products and benefits.
• Be a responsible and positive representative of your chosen sport: You are an “in the field” representative, and the image you portray is a direct reflection of the Caterpy Laces brand.
• Product Testimonials: We appreciate your feedback about our products and other athletes will too! Share your opinions about Caterpy Laces on social media and use #CaterpyLaces and #TeamCaterpy
• Brand Representation: Rep Caterpy Laces when you are out and about; whether it’s during training, while running a race, or just taking a hike in your gear.
• Post often but no need to get “Addy”. Minimum of one dedicated post for Caterpy Laces monthly. Share your photos on social media and use #CaterpyLaces and #TeamCaterpy 

I am not a top ranked professional athlete, should I still apply?

Absolutely! Team Caterpy ambassadors range from professional to amateur athletes, from photographers to sports agents, and anyone who is reaching for their goals. More importantly we expect that you are a self-promoter. We look for people who have an active presence on social media. A website or blog is also a great start.

When is the best time to apply?

We review ambassador applications on an ongoing basis throughout the year. Although we would like to accept everyone that submits an application and we make an effort to be as generous as possible we simply are not in a position to accept all applications received. Thank you for your understanding.   

We do receive a large volume of requests and it takes quite a bit of time to get through them. We do our best to get back to everyone in a timely manner. Please allow a minimum 30 days for a response from our team about the Ambassador program. 

I have a question that has not previously been answered. What should I do?

Email us at We will do our very best to get back to everyone, although would appreciate your patience in responding. Thanks in advance for your understanding!