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Caterpy Laces, or what some of our customers like to call us “Caterpillar Laces“, are the world’s top selling no tie shoelaces. They use elastic bump technology to hold customized tension throughout all eyelets. Invented in Japan by a marathon runner, Caterpy Laces strives to solve all shoelace issues. These issues range from inconsistency of tension throughout the shoe, lack of adaptivity for different foot shapes and inconvenience of tying laces. Often times, people think foot pains develop from an improper shoe, when it may be from improper laces.

Although Caterpy Laces are designed for athletic wear, the product is popular among other markets including kids, elderly, medical and special needs. They’re the perfect fit for joes to pros!

Learn how to lace up Caterpy Laces and more in our FAQs section.


How do I lace up Caterpy Laces?

Insert your Caterpy Laces as you would with traditional shoelaces (no need for hardware or add ons), set your tension to your comfort, and never worry about tying your shoelaces again! It’s easy peasy! Got a minute? Check out this video…

What do I do with the ends of the laces?

There are different ways to style the finishing of the laces. You can leave them hanging out. You can tuck them under laces. You can reverse tie them into your shoe. If there is an excess amount of lace, you can cut them. Make sure you are comfortable with the tension and cut between the bumps with a good pair of scissors. Leave at least 2-3 bumps out of the last eyelet.  Check out this video for the visuals.

Are Caterpy Laces tight enough?

Yes, definitely. Caterpy laces can get tighter than traditional shoe laces. This is because tension is spread throughout the shoe instead of grouping it all in a knot, and from the elasticity. It’s recommended to start your laces loose and then tighten to your comfort.
**Be warned that if you pull the laces to tight they will be extremely tight! Remember to always make sure you are happy with your comfort before cutting the laces.

Will my Caterpy Laces lose tension?

No, Caterpy Laces were designed to keep the same tension you set it at. They are durable enough to last the lifetime of multiple shoes.

What sizes do Caterpy Laces come in?

Caterpy laces are a one size fit all shoelace, cut to size. The elasticity allows the shoelace to fit feet of all sizes from kids to adults.


Dr. Joshua Britt D.P.M. / Sports Medicine

Charisse Winter Distance Runner

Isaiah Vidal OCR Athlete / Champion

Raquel Spelios Triathlete / Ironman

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